Libby’s Pride

Available in this range: chardonnay, merlot, sauvignon blanc, shiraz, signature red, cabernet sauvignon, rosé (not sweet)

If Libby’s Pride wines were a person, it would be someone with heart, soul, pride and strength.

Linton Park Wines’ partnership with the dynamic and resourceful Elizabeth (Libby) Petersen has led to Libby’s Pride, a range of wines made for everyday enjoyment, offering exceptional value for money. Driven by a vision of owning her own company and wine label, Libby approached Linton Park Wines a few years ago with an offer that we produce a range of premium wines for her under her own label. And so Libby’s Pride was born by combining her nickname and her star sign, Leo, a symbol of strength and pride. Libby’s passion for the wine industry and determination to establish the most successful company owned by a black woman is evident in the range growing its foothold not only in South Africa but internationally.

Unwooded to preserve the natural fruit flavours of each variety, the grapes were sourced from selected vineyards which benefit from the area’s high rainfall and the warm African sun, resulting in flavourful and well-balanced wines.

Tasting Notes

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