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Louis Fourie Reserve Range

This wine range is a tribute to the ‘Pioneering Spirit’ of the Frenchman Louis Fourie, who settled on the farm De Slange Rivier in 1699 near Wellington. Today the farm is the home of Linton Park Wines who produce fine wines of distinction.

Linton Park Method Cap Classique

Linton Park Wine Estate is part of the Groenberg appellation in a dramatically beautiful mountainous terrain. Our 294ha Estate is minutes away from the charming and rustic town of Wellington in South Africa’s Western Cape.

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Linton Park Estate Range

Singularity, heritage, innovation, variety and commitment come together seamlessly with each Linton Park vintage. The Linton Legacy was bestowed upon the historic De Slange Rivier farm in 1995 with its purchase by a London based multinational sustainability-driven group. Almost 300 years after its 1699 creation, our hidden Cape gem was interwoven into the prestigious portfolio and rich tapestry of Camellia Plc.

Rhino Range

Proceeds from this wine range (of a Rand a bottle sold) are donated annually to support our conservation partner. We are aligned to Rhinos without Borders who translocate the animals to Botswana. We are deeply committed to sustainability in all our farming practices, protecting our Rhino field, eradicating alien vegetation and recycling water.

Our winemaker

Wine-making is a craft. Like any craft, it needs a personal touch.

Our winemaker’s philosophy has always been true to keeping it authentic above all. JG Auret strives to bring forward the natural flavours, with minimum intervention. Expressing terroir in a more pure way is definitely something that energises this winemaker. His appointment as chief winemaker in 2007 brought with it an impressive upwards spiral in the estate’s quality development and competitive footprint. JG’s strongest suit is his ability to make wine in a variety of different styles. This allows Linton Park to continue to innovate and build on an expanding portfolio of distinctive wines through various vinification methods. Despite the norms of a warm wine-growing region, JG is not afraid to accept a challenge and experiment with the natural diversity the estate has to offer. JG believes that Linton Park’s benchmark cultivars for the future are Chardonnay and Cabernet. Keep your eye on this exciting phase.